Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Renewed Publication -- Because In Space No One Can Hear You Giggle!

This distinguished occasional periodical, first published in 1987, now returns to edify and amaze its readers.

The first three posts -- very primitive DOS productions -- are reprinted on these pages under the heading "In the Beginning."   

We like to hear from our readers. Please contact your editor using the box on the sidebar if you have constructive ideas to
contribute.   Snide remarks will be ignored.

The Space Alien often transmits reports through a complex quantum teleportation mechanism while traveling through space at unbelievable speeds.   

Therefore, an earthbound scribe is required to convert these transmissions to forms comprehensible by those earthbound. Joan Levin is honored to be entrusted with this important task.

You may now access the Space Alien Gazette directly via  or 
or even (in Canada).

The Space Alien wishes all Loyal Readers well and hopes you enjoy these reports!