Friday, July 22, 2016

GMOs Could be Sold With Stealth Labeling!

The Space Alien watched in dismay on July 7, 2016  (Senate) and July 12, 2016  (House) as the U. S. Congress rushed to blindfold consumers by allowing Genetically Engineered foods to be "labeled" by coded means accessible only to those with smart phones and the time and knowledge to use special code reading applications. Please see more recent post about the DARK Act which Denies Americans the Right to Know.

This industry-driven move mimics the efforts of our military to keep secrets out of enemy hands.
So it appears to the Space Alien that to industry, consumers are the enemy.

Here is the Bill they voted on: S 764 (which included other things so do not be confused!)
Text of S 764

Here is how our legislators voted!  
YES means a vote for industry obfuscation! ☹️
NO means a vote for the American  consumer!  😊

Vote in U. S. Senate

Vote in U. S. House of Representatives

(Don't be confused; this is the labeling bill.)

The Space Alien is happy to report that in Space, as in almost all countries of the industrialized world, clear, on package labeling of genetically engineered foods is required.    Sadly, the United States Congress has not gotten the message.   Perhaps voters will deliver this message on Election Day!