Sunday, July 24, 2016

Should Corporations Enjoy the Same Rights as Humans?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A perspicacious reader, having read the first few posts of the SAG, asked whether, besides GMOs and Small Electric Kitchen Appliances, anything else mattered to the Space Alien.   The answer is a full-throated YES!  Coming from deep space, the Space Alien cares deeply about many things.  Among these are matters relating to Corporate Personhood, or the notion that corporations should enjoy the same Constitutional rights as natural humans. 

Since the Space Alien accepts not being a natural person enjoying the same rights under the Constitution as natural persons, it cannot understand why corporations, which are, after all,  no more than legal constructs, should be so regarded.   The Space Alien has studied with great interest the website of Move to Amend, an organization seeking a Constitutional amendment to end  the practice of according to corporations rights properly limited to natural human beings.  To  learn more about Move to Amend,  click here.

Right now Move to Amend is gathering Congressional sponsors for this amendment.  The Space Alien trusts that when you have studied this website you will agree that such an amendment is long past due and will want to be in touch with your own Congressmen and Senators in this regard.