Thursday, August 4, 2016

Black Holes: An Existential Hazard for the Space Alien

The Space Alien understands that space can be dangerous, and one of the most dangerous places in space is a black hole.  When traveling in deep space, the Space Alien reads deeply and thinks deeply about many things, including the research done on black holes by the distinguished astrophysicist, Professor John Preskill of the California Institute of Technology, and his colleagues. (To learn more about this click here.)

The Space Alien takes care to avoid black holes, but nevertheless, in a moment of inattention several eons ago, nearly tumbled into one of these bottomless pits of annihilation.  So traumatic was this incident that in addition to bentshing goyml (q.v.), thousands of hours of therapy were required to restore the Space Alien's sense of physical safety and personal agency.  Since then, the Space Alien has directed much energy towards keeping space safe.

A Scary Black Hole

The Space Alien understands that Dr. Preskill and his colleagues are primarily theoreticians, but nevertheless hopes they might direct some of their brilliance towards shedding light on practical applications of their theoretical work such as fabricating safety nets and rope ladders from cosmic strings (q.v.) to prevent accidental falls into black holes and to facilitate escape should such falls occur.  This would surely benefit space voyagers everywhere!

 Cosmic Strings 
The Space Alien Cares!