Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How High? Which Moon?

Thiago Braz da Silva Reaches New Heights 
Today the Space Alien simply gawked as Thiago Braz da Silva, the Brazilian pole vaulter, cleared 6.03 meters (20.67 feet) to win an Olympic gold medal for the pole vault.  Luckily the Space Alien had a cell phone at hand to record a video of this remarkable jump.  To see it, click here.

Space Alien's Entourage Lands on Titan

The Space Alien generally does not participate in track and field events, finding these sports uncomfortably hot and sweaty,  But while visiting Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, where temperatures linger at a chilly but bracing  -290° F., the Space Alien decided to give it a go and easily set a new personal record for the high jump.

The Space Alien regrets that the nature of the atmosphere on Titan, as well as the distance of that body from the Sun, diminished available light to the extent that the Space Alien's camera could not photograph this remarkable athletic feat, but urges readers wishing to set their own personal high jump records to use this helpful table to find other locations where this could be achieved.  To see this interactive table click here.

The Space Alien has heard that this superior performance had to do with Titan's lesser gravitational pull, in turn a function of Titan's smaller size.  But the Space Alien is sure that the marvelously stimulating nitrogen-rich atmosphere of Titan was to some degree responsible as well.  Would this be doping?  The Space Alien, who takes pride in staying in top condition, certainly hopes not!

Unfortunately the judges at the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil would not accept the Space Alien's record-breaking high-jump performance as it did not take place in the designated Olympic stadium.  The Space Alien was naturally saddened not to receive a coveted blue ribbon, but is still proud of this extraordinary performance.

This was not the Space Alien's first trip to Titan.  To see exclusive photos taken on earlier occasions from the Space Alien's very own photo album click here. The Space Alien understands that NASA took some nice pictures too!