Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Space Alien Comments on the Olympic Games

The Space Alien -- while saddened by the harm the Olympic Games cause most of their host cities, and especially the people who are displaced and financially encumbered on this account --  nevertheless admires the dedication and athletic feats of many of the competitors.

That said, the Space Alien is not much impressed by the swimmers or track competitors.  Since the Space Alien routinely traverses land, water, air and space at tachyonic velocities exceeding the speed of light, the records set by these champions are a bit of a ho-hum (although one in particular has a face that the Space Alien finds adorable).
An Adorable Face
On the other hand, the Space Alien truly marvels at the courage and skill of the miniature female human beings who throw their bodies into the air with seeming abandon, landing on tiny feet without so much as a hop to regain their balance!

The Space Alien knows that these brave athletes could seriously hurt themselves while performing these feats within the Earth's powerful gravitational field, yet they routinely slip those surly bonds, if only for moments, seemingly to dance the skies under their own power, catapulting themselves in waves of ever-greater altitude and amplitude, and emerging with smiling faces that brighten our day!

Extreme Anti-Gravitational Manuver

Bevy of Skilled Gravity Defiers

P.S. Readers should know that the Space Alien loves poetry and was definitely influenced by Sky God by John Gillespie Magee, Jr.  to learn more: click here.