Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Walgreen's to Offer Disposal Kiosks for Unneeded Medication

The Space Alien was pleased to learn today that Walgreen's drugstores will now offer special kiosks for safe disposal for unneeded medication.

Thoughtful Environmentalist Does Her Part

This is a badly needed service because too many people flush unneeded drugs into the sewer system from which they are not removed by standard public water reclamation and purification facilities.

To see where the first Walgreen's Chicago Area kiosks are placed, click here.

The Space Alien, while meticulous about dental hygiene (as readers will readily discern from the lovely smile on the masthead portrait), had a toothache last year and was prescribed a painkilling drug.  This drug was never consumed and so the Space Alien has carried it across trillions of miles of  space to avoid polluting an already threatened environment.

Walgreen's gesture is therefore greatly appreciated.  The Space Alien has no idea where to find the "Corner of Happy and Healthy,"  but certainly knows, although the latter trademark expired in 2009    (click here), that "You're always welcome at Walgreens!"

The Space Alien is concerned about a large urban population suddenly deprived of tap-derived Prozac but trusts people will deal kindly with each other during the transition.