Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Space Alien Says: Play Ball!

Next to chess, the Space Alien's favorite sport is baseball.   The Great Amercan Pastime has long fascinated the Space Alien, who always travels with a ball and glove while traversing outer space,  hoping to find others with whom to have a catch.
Wrigley Field;
The Friendly Confines

The Space Alien jumps for joy at the prospect of the Chicago Cubs becoming the 2016 World Series champions.  This is especially poignant for the Space Alien who recalls the excitement over a century ago when the Cubs won this title, and also the heartbreak of 1945 when this prize narrowly eluded the Cubs as they faced the mighty Detroit Tigers.

The Space Alien, who knows how to say "Wait 'til Next Year" in at least 87% of the world's  6500+ spoken languages, is weary of endlessly repeating this sad mantra.  For the Space Alien, this year IS next year!

Long a fan of Yogi Berra, the Space Alien sought to honor the memory of this famed catcher by also becoming a Major League catcher, and became positively giddy with excitement when Cubs General Manager Theo Epstein, watching a tryout, pronounced the Space Alien to be one of the finest athletes he had ever seen, and rushed to offer the position held by retiring Cubs star catcher David Ross.
The Space Alien's Fave: Yogi Berra 
Theo Epstein Calls Space Alien a
First Rate Talent
Could the Space Alien
Replace David Ross?

The Space Alien was overjoyed by this offer, and felt honored to step in for David Ross.   But negotiations broke down as no regulation catcher's mask could be found to accommodate the Space Alien's majestic face and unique catching style.  And so, for the heartsick Space Alien, it was deja vu all over again!

Why must the Space Alien
wear a catcher's mask?

Exclusive Photo Courtesy John Levin 

The Space Alien considered hovering over Wrigley Field to assist the Cubs during these last decisive games, but then recalled what happened when a devoted Cubs fan tried to catch a fly ball in 2003 resulting in the Cubs losing a critical game.  (To read about this unfortunate incident click here and to see the Space Alien's exclusive video of this dream-demolishing moment, click here.)

For this reason, the Space Alien will keep busy selling peanuts and popcorn at Wrigley Field to keep the fans happily nourished as they cheer the Cubbies to victory!
The Space Alien remembers
Harry Caray by singing
"Take Me out to the

But for the remainder of Cubs games this season, during the 7th Inning Stretch, the Space Alien's magnificent voice (q.v.) will be heard singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in memory of Harry Caray, the late great Cubs announcer.  (For the Space Alien's exclusive video of Harry Caray's inimitable performance of this classic, click here).   Be sure to join the Space Alien in the Friendly Confines cheering for the Chicago Cubs!