Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Space Alien Embraces the Saxophone

The Space Alien, exhausted in body and spirit from a seemingly hopeless political quest, and believing that only music could restore a flagging soul, decided to take up the baritone saxophone.

Blessed with an exceptionally powerful physique and enormous wind power, the Space Alien soon managed to coax a sound from this gigantic instrument, but certain that expert instruction would be the best path to mastery, decided to audition with the well-known and highly respected classical saxophone musician, Jeremy Ruthrauff  (Q.V.),  who welcomed the Space Alien to his studio and kindly asked the prospective student to play for him.

Orchestra Hall, Chicago
Maestro Ruthrauff, blown away by the beauty of the few notes the Space Alien produced and recognizing that here was a talent seen but once in a century, proceeded to instruct the Space Alien, carefully nurturing the Space Alien's native talent.  The Space Alien, in turn, embarked on a practice regimen including scales and articulation drills that consumed nearly every waking hour.

The combination of exquisite natural musicianship, superb instruction, and a strong work ethic soon began to bear fruit, and in an astonishingly short time the Space Alien was prepared for a solo recital at Chicago's Orchestra Hall!   Saxophonist Jeremy Ruthrauff was so proud of his student!  And the Space Alien was so grateful to Jeremy Ruthrauff for his outstanding instruction.
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President Clinton
Applauded a
Fellow Saxophonist!
The Space Alien's friends gathered in record numbers on the eve of the Summer Solstice for their hero's first public appearance on this distinguished stage.

Among the music lovers in the standing room only crowd at Orchestra Hall that night was President Bill Clinton, also a saxophone player, who applauded enthusiastically and brought his own tenor sax along so that the Space Alien could autograph the case.    

President Clinton invited the Space Alien to jam with his jazz group but the Space Alien sadly expressed regret at not yet being sufficiently skilled in jazz improvisation.  "Perhaps next year!" the Space Alien politely told this new fan.  

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And now, loyal readers, you may enjoy the Space Alien's performance of a moving prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Best known as a work for the 'cello, the Space Alien performs this on a baritone saxophone.  

We hope the Space Alien's artistry will launch your senses on an intergalactic voyage, calming your body and refreshing your soul.  

When you are ready to enjoy three minutes of beautiful music expressing the Space Alien's deepest longings and loftiest aspirations, please click under the picture (and then click on the arrow that appears).  

(If this clip sounds remarkably like the Space Alien's teacher Jeremy Ruthrauff's performance, it is because the Space Alien believes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!)

This is the Space Alien's Summertime Gift to You!