Friday, November 10, 2017

The Space Alien Visits the Oral Surgeon

Your Editor needed to replace a tooth that had gone missing many years ago.  As the Oral Surgeon began working on an implant, the Space Alien whooshed in through an air duct and asked the Oral Surgeon for an examination.

The Oral Surgeon, thrilled to have an opportunity to examine the Space Alien's mouth, immediately told Your Editor to stand aside and turned his full attention to the Space Alien.

"In all my years of practice I've never seen such remarkable dentition," said the Oral Surgeon, gently poking and prodding.  "It's obvious you take very good care of your teeth!"

The Space Alien's Dental Hygiene
 Impresses the Oral Surgeon

"I do my very best," answered the Space Alien modestly, reaching into a worn rucksack to reveal dozens of rolls of dental floss and packs of Stim-U-Dents neatly packed for intergalactic travel.

"Well, it certainly shows," said the Oral Surgeon, "and I'll bet you have regular professional cleanings as well!"

"I certainly do," said the Space Alien, proudly displaying an article prepared exclusively for the Space Alien Gazette depicting the use of an industrial floor scrubber especially adapted for this purpose.
"Your attention to dental hygiene is most commendable," said the Oral Surgeon.  "I only wish we could say as much for Your Editor!"

Your Editor Opens her Mouth
It was clear that the Oral Surgeon, now completely bedazzled by the Space Alien's unique and flawless oral cavity, had momentarily forgotten about Your Editor's presence!

Your Editor, who had become increasingly weary of listening to the Oral Surgeon heaping accolades upon the Space Alien, opened her mouth to remind the Oral Surgeon that she was, after all, the patient this morning!

A Modern Miracle!
The Oral Surgeon, a most kind and caring human being as well as a superbly skilled professional, quickly returned to Your Editor and carefully drilled a deep hole in her jaw into which he installed the precision hardware that would, in time, support a beautiful, functional, pain-free tooth.

This is truly a modern miracle, and one could hardly ask for more!