Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Space Alien Aspires to Join the Supremes

Your Editor found the Space Alien in the Space Alien Gazette cloakroom wearing a black robe and posing in front of a full length mirror.

"What in the world!" she cried!

"I'm trying on this judicial robe," said the Space Alien "because I'm going to join the United States Supreme Court and I want to be properly dressed!"

The Space Alien Models Judicial Robe
"You cannot do that!" said Your Editor. "You are not properly qualified, plus you do not even exist!  You are imaginary!"

"This may be true," grumbled the Space Alien, "but I know right from wrong, which may be more than some of these justices do!"

"What do you mean?" asked Your Editor.  

"Just read this!" yelled the Space Alien, angrily waving a copy of an advance sheet with the Opinion in Trump v. Hawaii (and here, Loyal Reader, you may read it as well):

Or in the news, for example:

"The dissenting view, that this 'travel ban' against people from certain countries was in fact religious discrimination, made more sense than the majority opinion," said the Space Alien, adding modestly: "if I had been on the Supreme Court I most certainly could have persuaded the others to stop this travesty!"

Then the Space Alien pulled out a slightly edited picture, saying: "This is what the Supreme Court SHOULD look like!"

Space Alien's Suggested Supreme Court Portrait
"Well it doesn't, and it won't be, and I'm just as sad as you are!" said your Editor, "so get out of that black robe and put on your green eyeshade and get back to work!  Our best hope to save Democracy is a vigorous, independent press, and that is what we strive to be here at the Space Alien Gazette!"

The Space Alien Back at Work
Defending your Right to Know!

BREAKING NEWS -- June 28, 2018: Shortly after this edition went to press, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement.  

The Space Alien will not seek to fill this vacancy personally, but urges all Loyal Readers to call their United States Senators urging them to wait until AFTER the upcoming midterm elections in November to consider candidates for this important position. The Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 will help you reach your U.S. Senators.