Friday, October 26, 2018

The Space Alien Dances with the Joffrey Ballet

Your Editor found the Space Alien in the living room wearing electric blue tights and doing barre exercises at a towel rack placed in front of a large mirror.

(Unfortunately no camera was handy to record this scene so Loyal Readers will simply have to imagine it for themselves. )

"Hallowe'en is almost here," said Your Editor.  "Have you thought about your costume this year?"

The Space Alien completed a graceful plié and turned to Your Editor.  

"I've had no time for that," said the Space Alien.  "I've been asked to understudy for a ballerina at the famous Joffrey Ballet in Chicago -- she sprained her little toe and may not be able to dance -- so I only have a short time to learn her part in Swan Lake."  

"Well, that's certainly exciting and a tribute to your talent," said Your Editor, "but you are post-gender, so how will you handle this traditionally female role?"

"I practiced very hard to be a believable swan," answered the Space Alien," and as you can see by this poster they made in case I'm called to perform, I more than succeeded!" 

"You certainly are believable in the role" said Your Editor, "but will you be sad if the regular dancer recovers and you are not called?"

"I'll be a little disappointed," said the Space Alien, "but the important thing is the ballet itself!  I am thrilled to contribute to my art in any way, and there will be other opportunities I am sure!" 

"Your devotion is commendable," said Your Editor, "and maybe you can wear your lovely tutu to our Space Alien Gazette Hallowe'en party!"

"Say, that's a great idea," said the Space Alien, executing a graceful tour jeté across the room.   

So, Loyal Reader,  if you plan to attend the final Joffrey Ballet production of Swan Lake you may have a chance to experience the thrill of watching the Space Alien in the role of the graceful Swan!  

Otherwise, here is the poster with the regular performer -- and we are sure you would enjoy that performance as well!

Happy Hallowe'en!!!
Note: A Loyal Reader reminds us that the Space Alien, no newcomer to classical ballet, played a crucial role last December involving reindeer dancing in the Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker