Friday, January 18, 2019

The Space Alien Controls Air Traffic during a Government Shutdown

During the current government shutdown the Space Alien decided to help exhausted Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers working without pay in the control tower at a major airport.

The Space Alien, as Loyal Readers know, is an expert pilot. 

This was demonstrated earlier in these exclusive photos of the Space Alien flying right side up and upside down in a specially designed, state of the art aircraft.

These photos should confirm for all Loyal Readers the Space Alien's aeronautic expertise.*

So when the Space Alien, suitably dressed as an air traffic controller (so as not to draw undue attention) stepped into the control tower of a major airport, the exhausted air traffic controllers were delighted!

"We've been working for very long shifts." the exhausted air traffic controllers explained. "We badly need some time off!"
The Space Alien glanced at the screen and instrument panel and in seconds was totally oriented to this complex job.  

"Let me take over," said the Space Alien.  "You have worked so hard!  Go home and get some rest!"

With that, the Space Alien sat down at the console to direct flights safely in and out of the busy airport.  

As you can see, passengers continued to walk calmly through the busy airport on their way to their flights, unaware that the Space Alien would now be responsible for their safety.

So, Loyal Reader, if you are traveling today, you can be perfectly confident if the Space Alien happens to be directing your flight!
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