Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Space Alien Celebrates Mother's Day and a Birthday

The Space Alien looked at the calendar and saw that the next day was Mother's Day!  

"Oh my goodness," exclaimed the Space Alien, "tomorrow is Mother's Day AND My Editor's birthday as well!  Both on the same day!  This has only happened a few times since she's been a mother, so it's really special!"

I don't know if I even have a mother," continued the Space Alien, thinking out loud, "but My Editor" (who is, Loyal Reader, known here as "Your Editor"), has been like a mother to me!  I don't know if I even have a real birthday, but My Editor always lets me celebrate hers!"

"But My Editor is SO OLD," murmured the Space Alien!  "If I made a birthday cake with so many candles I could burn down the house!  But I know she'll love my portrait in a beautiful frame!" 

So the Space Alien whooshed downtown to buy a picture frame.  "I'll pay with her credit card as usual; it's the thought that counts!"

Then the Space Alien found a friendly photographer to take a photograph to put into the beautiful frame.  

"I know she'll treasure this more than anything!" exclaimed the Space Alien! 

But the Space Alien did not stop here!

"I want My Editor to be healthy, so besides my picture I'll bring some delicious, healthful dishes from Amitabul, a restaurant she loves!"  

Owner Bill Choi helped the Space Alien select a perfect dinner!

The Space Alien left with many delicious plant-based dishes, including a platter of special dinner pancakes! 

"Oooh so yummy!" exclaimed the Space Alien.

You'll love it and you may even see the Space Alien there!  

And to all you great Moms out there, all of us here at the Space Alien Gazette wish you a Happy Mother's Day!