Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Space Alien tries a Rebounder!

The Space Alien returned from an intergalactic mission with a backache! 

Carrying heavy luggage and sitting in an uncomfortable economy seat while traveling at velocities exceeding the speed of light in the superluminal rocket was hard on the Space Alien.  In fact, the Space Alien was aching all over!

Your editor thought exercise on a rebounder might relieve tight, aching joints and muscles and the Space Alien agreed to give it a go.  

Here is an exclusive photo taken with the Space Alien's special time lapse camera. 

Loyal Readers can clearly see what a good time the Space Alien is having!

The Space Alien's impressive lymphatic system was activated, and nourishing fluids moved through the Space Alien's athletic body.

When the Space Alien had finished a few hours of jumping Your Editor decided to try it herself!

At first Your Editor (who coincidentally had a backache too) felt like this:  

But after a few good jumps, she felt like this! 

"Why, we both feel lots better already!" exclaimed Your Editor.  "Agreed," said the Space Alien, "and I'm writing this up right now for the Health Column of the Space Alien Gazette!

And here, Loyal Reader, is a link with some great articles on rebounding for specific purposes, from the makers of the Space Alien's (and Your Editor's) favorite -- the Bellicon Rebounder!