Monday, April 27, 2020


The Space Alien showed up at Your Editor's house ready to work on the next issue of the Space Alien Gazette.  

Your Editor was shocked by the Space Alien's appearance.  
"What happened to you?" she cried.  "You've become quite pale!"

"I did what the President told us to do for COVID-19," answered the Space Alien.  "He told us to inject bleach!  You can even read about this here:"

"So I figured drinking it would be just as good.  The President also talked about using something called 'hydroxychloroquine.'  I thought this was what he meant!" 

"Oh no!" cried Your Editor!  "That could make you terribly sick!

"Don't worry," said the Space Alien.  "You know I'm imaginary so I'll be ok!"

"Well," replied Your Editor, "I only hope that some Loyal Reader won't try it and be terribly injured!" 

"You're right!" agreed the Space Alien, quickly returning to normal.  "I won't do that again!  Now I'll just wash up!"  

Dear Loyal Readers -- You are NOT the Space Alien so PLEASE do not do ANY of these things! 
(Just wash your hands and, if you wish, use hand sanitizer on your hands!)