Friday, June 5, 2020


Your Editor came upon the Space Alien carrying a small case neatly packed with containers of food.

"Where are you going?"  She asked. 

"I don't know," answered the Space Alien, "but I'm leaving here and I may never come back!"

"What?" cried Your Editor.  "But why?"

"Just look at this picture!" cried the Space Alien pulling out a cell phone.  "I took it the other day!"     

"This is a land of cruel and murderous people who torture and kill people who don't look like them, or who don't think like them!  Even some who promise to serve and protect people commit murder as if it were a commonplace event!   How can I stay in a place like this?  I'm leaving!"

Your Editor was silent.  For a moment she considered asking the Space Alien to take her along, to take her far from a place where small children could sing about "crowning good with brotherhood" while their elders did exactly the opposite.  An image of another woman came into her mind.  
Then she spoke:  "Space Alien, please stay!  You are needed here!  I need you here!  We have work to do!  We may not finish this work in my lifetime, but we still need to do the work!"   

"Just look!" she continued.  "There are lots of good people!  They are marching right now and we can join them!" 

"More and more will join us!   This is where change can start!  This is not the time to leave!  This is the time to remember why we are here and to take back our country for justice!"

And together, with millions of others, they did!

Never Forgotten!
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