Thursday, July 28, 2016

Added Sugars to be Labeled at Last!

The Space Alien is thrilled that the Food and Drug Administration will now require ADDED SUGARS to be labeled, but disappointed that this will not be enforced until July, 2018 (for large companies) or July, 2019 (for smaller companies), and is also concerned that Americans may find it difficult to understand the amounts of added sugar when expressed in grams.  To see the FDA bulletin on added sugar labeling, click here.

The Space Alien, cognizant of the health burdens associated with added sugar (to learn more click here),  hopes to help Americans make the leap from grams to teaspoons with some help from the SAG Bazaar (at the foot of this blog).

The Space Alien would like to remind human readers to observe these limits for added sugar:

Men: 37.5 grams = 9 teaspoons = 150 calories.
Women: 25 grams = 6 teaspoons = 100 calories.

The Space Alien cares!