Sunday, July 31, 2016

A S'WELL Voyage to Mercury

The Space Alien finds hydration indispensable for maintaining a fresh, dewy complexion, and therefore never travels without a beautiful and practical S'WELL bottle full of pure, filtered water.

This was true on a recent mission to Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, where during uncommonly long days, temperatures fluctuate wildly between a frosty -280° degrees F and a scorching 800°F.

Surface of Mercury where Space Alien Stayed Hydrated
While exploring the rocky, crater-pocked surface of this tiny planet to gather samples of the spacecrafts Mariner (which crashed into Mercury in 2004) and Messenger (which met its end on that planet in 2015), the Space Alien enjoyed frequent sips of cool, refreshing water from a beautiful S'WELL bottle which maintains the temperature of hot or cold liquids for up to 12 hours under the most extreme conditions, and, best of all, appeals to the Space Alien's fine-honed aesthetic sensibility.

Sadly, an unfortunate collision with a meteor resulted in loss of the spacecraft samples intended for American universities and museums, but fortunately the Space Alien was not injured and the sturdy S'Well bottle, a gift from a thoughtful reader, sustained no damage.
The Space Alien loves this 17 Oz S'WELL bottle with its intergalactic cloud design.