Thursday, August 18, 2016

An Evening Stroll among Healing Plants

The Space Alien, always interested in health and healing, was privileged to hover overhead as a remarkable teacher,  Rosita Arvigo, led an avid group of followers to knowledge of the healing properties of wild plants, a knowledge acquired in a lifetime of study and healing practice.
Rosita Arvigo

Ms. Arvigo generously shared her knowledge on an August evening walk through a natural sanctuary in the midst of a busy Chicago park.   

She pointed out at every hand plants that might be dismissed as mere weeds in their roles as  healers and even life-savers for many of the illnesses and accidents faced by humans over many generations.  

Remedies well-known to civilizations that strode this continent long before the arrival of Europeans were unfolded as Ms. Arvigo explained the uses of seeds, flowers, leaves, stems and roots that could be made into tinctures, teas, poultices and other applications.  In two hours her followers gained knowledge gathered over the millennia, some now applied in the manufacture of "modern" medicines.

How lucky we are that these plants still exist and that we have teachers like Ms. Arvigo to lead us among them!

The Space Alien had an unfortunate slip of a paring knife while snacking (probably illegally) on wild apples from a tree in this sanctuary,  and was therefore grateful that Ms. Arvigo explained how to chew the leaf of a common plantain to make a poultice that quickly stopped the bleeding and would prevent infection as well.  (Note: This is not the plantain that looks like a banana. This is a commonly used name for the plant with the Latin generic name "Plantago" To learn more,  click here.)

The Space Alien learned so much, and wants to learn a lot more about this. This is knowledge that should be shared widely, and the Space Alien is glad that Ms. Arvigo is doing this through the internet, seminars and books.

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