Sunday, August 14, 2016

Did Cupping Help Michael Phelps?

The Space Alien was intrigued to see pictures of Olympian Mega-Medalist Michael Phelps covered with what appeared to be giant sized hickeys.  "What a life!" thought the Space Alien.

But later the Space Alien was even more intrigued to learn that the symmetrical pink circles appearing all over the Super-Swimster's muscular body resulted from the practice of "cupping" - a long-revered folk remedy reputed to increase circulation and control pain.   To learn more, click here.

Centuries ago, in fly-bys across Central and Eastern Europe, the Space Alien observed this practice, involving the application of tiny glass cups called "bankes" which had been heated to create the necessary vacuum.   This was thought to remove evil "humours" or other causes of illness.  To learn more, click here.

But even this revered nostrum had it's limits.   When a bad situation seemed irreparable, and any remedy seemed futile, people might say:

.עס וועט העלפֿן ווי אַ טויטן באַנקעס.

Es vet helfn vi a toytn bankes, or: it would help as much as cupping would help a dead person.

Michael Phelps Displays Adorable Face and Cupping Marks

The Space Alien tries to maintain composure even in the most difficult circumstances, but understands the feelings of futility for any human trying to out-swim Michael Phelps in his best events.

For those wishful contenders, the above saying might apply.