Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Space Alien Meets a Questionable New Friend

Recently the Space Alien was approached by a mysterious stranger, a somewhat self-absorbed Venus Flytrap. This Venus Flytrap, claiming to be a skilled chef, suggested they meet for dinner to discuss a possible restaurant venture combining the Space Alien's photosynthetic skills (learned from friendly paleozoic ferns, as reported in Meeting the Space Alien's Nutritional Needs), together with the Venus Flytrap's culinary acumen.  The Venus Flytrap generously offered to prepare dinner for the Space Alien at a local greenhouse.

Venus Flytrap Dressed for 
Dinner with the Space Alien 
The Space Alien, intrigued, brought along a video camera to record the culinary technique of the Venus Flytrap, but intrigue soon gave way to a premonition of doom as the Venus Flytrap opened its voluptuous lips in a wide-mouthed smile and slowly leaned in towards towards the Space Alien.

Pleading a headache and expressing profound regret, the Space Alien bade the Venus Flytrap an early farewell and hurried home to watch soothing Marx Brothers reruns on TV.

Later, while uploading videos of this meeting on YouTube (where they may be found by searching on the words Venus flytrap eating or just by clicking here ) the Space Alien pondered the irony of the success of another Venus Flytrap named Audrey who was awarded a leading role in a  1986 Hollywood film (q.v.), while the far more versatile talent of the Space Alien was never properly recognized.  But the Space Alien, always philosophical, remains hopeful.

The Space Alien Cares
A few readers have asked when the Space Alien's videos of the Venus Flytrap will be posted on these pages.  The Space Alien believes that even to ask this question displays an unbecoming degree of schadenfreude (to read an interesting discussion of this word click here).  So even though this question hardly deserves an answer, the Space Alien has indicated that those videos will not be posted here as they are likely to frighten readers just as they did the Space Alien.