Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Space Alien Celebrates Halloween

The Space Alien's attention turned for a moment from the Chicago Cubs World Series games to consider a Halloween costume.

The ever-popular Space Alien had been invited to many parties and wanted to look terrific.

Your editor looked up from the ornate Jack 'o Lantern she was carving and suggested:
"How about going as yourself?"
"No!" cried the Space Alien.  "That would NEVER do; that's not a costume!"
"Well how about wearing a big pumpkin?" suggested your editor.

"It's too stuffy inside a pumpkin," complained the Space Alien.  "Pumpkins are good to eat, but not to wear."

Your editor agreed that this was so.

             So what to do?

The Space Alien thought deeply about this and then proposed a solution.

"I won't wear a costume at all!  I'll just say that I'm YOU all dressed up as ME!"

Your editor wasn't sure that she wanted the Space Alien assuming her identity while wandering about the streets going from party to party, but at last she gave in to the Space Alien's entreaties.

So PLEASE dear Loyal Readers, if someone knocks on your door on Halloween saying that it's me, your editor, wearing a Space Alien costume, please understand that this IS in fact the Space Alien.   Know that the Space Alien means well, but can be socially inept, especially when excited, as is sure to be the case on Halloween.

If the Space Alien sneaks candy from the trick or treat bags of small children, or takes a swim in the apple bobbing tub, or starts juggling the pumpkins at your party, please be gentle in your remonstrations, and remember this IS the Space Alien and IT IS NOT ME!