Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Space Alien has an Eye Exam

While working out with the Chicago Cubs during the exciting 2016 World Series, the Space Alien kept missing easy tosses and decided to have an eye examination.  
Modern Eye Examination 
Your Editor recommended Dr. Pepsi Sarai at Village Eyecare in Chicago.

Dr. Sarai marveled
at the Space Alien's eyes
Dr. Sarai administered a thorough eye exam using the most up-to-date equipment to evaluate the health of the Space Alien's eyes, and he marveled at the acuity of the Space Alien's vision.  The entire staff was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet the Space Alien! 

Perhaps the Space Alien simply wasn't keeping those magnificent eyes on the ball, Dr. Sarai diplomatically suggested.   

The Space Alien admitted being easily distracted and resolved to pay better attention in the future.  
The Space Alien will Keep those Eyes on the Ball!