Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Space Alien Travels to the Inferno and Back

Following the November 8 election the Space Alien, always sympathetic to dear human friends, shared in your Editor's despondency.  Feeling inadequate as a comforter, the Space Alien took off for deep space, and the Space Alien Gazette temporarily suspended publication.

Deep space now felt more chilly than usual, and having recently re-read the complete works of Dante Alighieri, the Space Alien headed for the fiery Inferno this poet had so carefully mapped.
Map of the Inferno by Dante Aigheiri

Upon arrival, the Space Alien was astonished to find the Inferno completely frozen over.  Fortunately, the Space Alien had brought along figure skates, and spent a few solitary days sadly perfecting Lutzes, Salchows and Axels, undisturbed by other skaters each apparently in his or her own depressed state.  

Exclusive Space Alien Photograph of Frozen Inferno

Eventually duty called, and the Space Alien, never a shirker,  returned to the once busy but now paralyzed offices of the Space Alien Gazette, where your Editor sat, a glazed look on her face and a safety pin on her shirt.

"What's that safety pin for?" asked the Space Alien.
Your Editor looked up from her computer: "Have a look at PBS, right here," she answered.  "It means that you are safe with me, and that I am your ally"

"Well duh, I already knew that" said the Space Alien -- "I just thought you hadn't sewn back that missing button!"

The Space Alien and your Editor sat quietly for a while.  
Then the Space Alien broke the silence:  "I guess we'd better get back to work!"
"Yes," said your Editor, "I guess we'd better."

Even when The Inferno freezes over,
the Space Alien keeps on working
because the Space Alien cares!