Friday, June 22, 2018

The Space Alien Responds to a Man-Made Disaster of the ICE Age

Your Editor found the Space Alien hunched over a typewriter working hard on a story for the National News section of the Space Alien Gazette.

"I'm writing about the horrible things happening to children at the U.S.-Mexican border," said the Space Alien.  "Have a  look at my copy so far."
You Editor gasped when she saw these words:

"The President, who infests the White House, met with members of the Congressional leadership who infest the Capitol, and with members of his Cabinet who infest buildings throughout Washington, D.C." 

"You can't write this!" said Your Editor.   "You cannot use the word 'infest' with respect to human beings!"   She picked up a dictionary and opened it.  "Just look; 'infest' only applies to insects or animals!"
"But the President used this word for human beings so I thought I could do that too!" complained the Space Alien.

"No," said Your Editor.  "If humans do not obey the law we have procedures to deal with that, but they were not followed here.  And these families trying to keep their children safe are human beings deserving full respect for their humanity."

The Space Alien reached for an eraser - -"I'm going to correct this, but I want to help these families and especially the children!"  
Your Editor said: "We'll run information on how our Loyal Readers can help!"

"That's a wonderful idea!" said the Space Alien.  "No child deserves this treatment!"

And with that, the Space Alien put on an appropriate cap, packed a first aid kit and some favorite toys, and traveling at tachyonic velocities exceeding the speed of light, quickly reached the children to care for them, cheer them and comfort them.

While the Space Alien is away on this important mission, here are ideas for Loyal Readers who would also like to help!  

RAICES Family Unification and Bond Fund