Friday, June 1, 2018

The Space Alien Visits Machu Picchu

Your Editor was working against an unforgiving deadline to finish a new Space Alien Gazette post for our Loyal Readers, but the Space Alien was nowhere in sight!   What to do?  How could important news be printed without the star reporter?

Suddenly the Space Alien appeared, carrying a heavy oxygen tank!  

"Where have you been, and why are you carrying that oxygen tank?" asked Your Editor.

"I've just returned from the fabulous ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru," answered the Space Alien.  "I'm working on an exciting new article for our Travel Section!  The view was magnificent, but at altitudes of 8,000 feet above sea level I could hardly breathe, so I needed this!"

"I took some fantastic pictures," continued the Space Alien, "but the authorities noticed me.  Since I'm imaginary, I have no passport, and I was afraid they would arrest me!"

"You certainly were in danger!" exclaimed Your Editor, "so what did you do?"

"Luckily a nice tourist saw how sad and frightened I was and offered to bring me home!" answered the Space Alien.  "By remarkable coincidence my rescuer was a Loyal Reader of the Space Alien Gazette.  She said this beautiful pottery bowl was a gift for you!  She was thrilled to meet me, and she hid me inside this beautiful bowl for the flight home!"

"You were lucky!" said Your Editor,  "The authorities might have taken you away forever if they had found you!"

"NO!" cried the Space Alien!  "I've heard about unspeakable things like this happening to little children, and I'm so grateful be here with you now!"

"So am I," said Your Editor. "My friend was so kind and so brave to bring you home safely,  and the bowl is indeed beautiful.  But how did you manage to fit inside?"

"No problem," answered the Space Alien.  "When you are imaginary, size is relative!  You should try it sometime!"