Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Space Alien Observes Memorial Day 2019

Your Editor noticed the Space Alien becoming quite agitated while watching the news. 
"What's wrong?" asked Your Editor. 

"I had planned to observe Memorial Day by paying respects at the graves of brave men and women who died protecting our country's freedom," said the Space Alien.  "But I see that the President has declared our free press to be an Enemy of the People!" 

"I saw that as well," answered Your Editor sadly.   

"Would that be something like what happened in An Enemy of the People, by the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen?" asked the Space Alien?

"Yes," answered Your Editor. "Back in 1882 Ibsen wrote this play about a doctor who was called the Enemy of the People because he warned that the water in a local natural spa that was important to the town's economy had become polluted and could make people sick."

(Loyal Readers seeking more information about this play that inspired Steven Spielberg's 1975 movie "Jaws" may click here:

The Space Alien thought deeply about this for a moment and then spoke.

"So you are saying that just as the townspeople in An Enemy of the People attacked the doctor for reporting a public health hazard, our President has attacked our free press, calling it an Enemy of the People for investigating and reporting presidential misdeeds that could endanger us all?"

"That's right" said Your Editor.  "And our President has even called this reporting 'treason,' a crime punishable by death!"

"Well, the President might be mistaken charging the press with treason for reporting on this behavior," said the Space Alien, reaching for a volume of the U. S. Code on a nearby shelf.   "I was just reading this:  I hope our Loyal Readers will examine it too!"

"But this is important news," the Space Alien continued," and I must report it immediately in the Space Alien Gazette!"

"Be careful," warned Your Editor, "because the President might try to declare YOU to be An Enemy of the People as well!"

"No worries," said the Space Alien.  "Remember, I'm imaginary and only live in the hearts and minds of you and our Loyal Readers!   I will get on this right away.  But first I shall pay my respects at the graves of brave men and women who died protecting our freedom, including our freedoms of speech and press." 

The Space Alien Gazette respectfully urges Loyal Readers to take time on Memorial Day to remember those who gave their lives to secure the freedoms we cherish.