Friday, July 12, 2019

The Space Alien Considers ICE Activity

Your Editor found the Space Alien whimpering in bed.  

"What's wrong?" asked Your Editor.

"I just saw on TV that Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- ICE -- will be rounding up anyone without the right paperwork and taking them away, and I don't have any papers at all!"

The Space Alien's Greatest Fear

"You know I wouldn't let this happen to you," said Your Editor, trying hard to be reassuring, despite serious concerns.  

"Why, you pose no threat to our country," she continued, "and besides, you are imaginary, so they probably wouldn't even know where to look for you!  And wouldn't it be irrational to spend valuable resources searching for something that posed no threat?"

The Space Alien exhaled in relief.  

"You're right!  Our government would never do anything irrational!"  

And with that, the Space Alien fell into a peaceful sleep. 

Your Editor, however,  remains concerned.  

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